The Anabolic Diet Review

The Anabolic Diet is a type of low carbohydrate diet that claims that an individuals can reach their goals of getting the physique they want through a diet that lowers body fat while growing muscle mass. It was developed by Dr Mauro Di Pasquale, a champion powerlifter and medical doctor. […] Read more »

Citrus Baked Tilapia Recipe From The Anabolic Cooking Book

Citrus Baked Tilapia Recipe full recipe and steps below. Tilapia makes for very good food. It is full of nutrients and protein, with little fat (only 3g per 100g serving!). It is especially good for anyone focusing on fat loss. It has no carbohydrates. Fish is a good complement to […] Read more »

Anabolic Cooking Recipes

On this site, we feature a number of full anabolic cooking recipes from the Anabolic Cookbook created by Dave Ruel, a professional muscle building coach and nutrition expert. These recipes are all easy to prepare and great tasting. The premise of Dave is that nutrition for bodybuilding should be fun […] Read more »

Anabolic Cooking Recipe: Anabolic Blueberry Oatmeal

Anabolic blueberry oatmeal full recipe and steps below. One of my favorite Anabolic cooking breakfasts. This is delicious and easy-to-make, with a good mix of carbs and protein to supercharge my body building efforts. All you need is to mix the ingredients in a bowl and pop it into the […] Read more »

Anabolic Cooking Recipe: Muscle Building Mini Meat Loaves

Muscle building mini meat loaves full recipe and steps below. This is a delicious and easy recipe that will keep any meat lover satisfied. All it takes is to mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then bake it for about 1/2 hour. What’s really cool about the recipe […] Read more »

10 Quick, Easy & Healthy Recipes For Lunch Or Dinner

Eating right is definitely important for maintaining good health. But we don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen fixing flavorful meals either. Try these quick, easy and healthy recipes (that are tasty!) to get the whole family started. 1. Easy Salsa Rice When building up muscles, carbo-loading is necessary. […] Read more »

Fat Loss Diet for Bodybuilders – 10 Things that You Should Know

For many bodybuilders, a good fat loss diet can really accelerate the pace of muscle growth and shaping your body into the ideal physique. Your body fat is actually stored energy that your body reserves for periods when your body does not have sufficient energy. If you want to reduce […] Read more »