Best Fat Loss Foods For Body Building

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We all want to know what the best fat loss foods are when body building. This read lists down some of the most common foods and great tasting foods around. A lot of people may tell you that losing fat and building muscles mean a dull diet plan but wait till you read this.

1. Eggs
Eggs are considered as one of the best foods to add to the diet when you want to beef up your muscles. But can it help in fat loss? A study published on the Harvard School of Public Health published in 2004 finds some evidence for this. The high quality protein in eggs can boost fat loss. Further, through the process of thermogenesis, energy is converted into heat, thereby increasing the level of calories burned.

Eggs are the most versatile because there are a lot of ways to cook it – scrambled, poached, and hard boiled just to name a few. This is a good source of protein and omega-3 oil.

2. Flaxseeds
Flaxseeds are also excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acid alpha linolenic acid. It enhances fat and calorie burning. It also prevents excess fat from being stored in the body.

3. Walnuts
In fat loss, you need to stay away from saturated fats but the body still needs good fatty acids. Walnuts are the one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids that aids in the fat burning process.

4. Oatmeal
This is a favorite breakfast meal for those trying to lose fat. It is rich in fiber that aids in digestion and is clinically proven to be good for the heart. This is your healthy alternative to white rice because this is a good source of carbohydrate that keeps the blood sugar levels at acceptable standards. It also helps control insulin levels. Overall, a great food for bodybuilding.

5. Grapefruit
Studies prove that grapefruit can effectively reduce your insulin levels. This fat loss fruit contains a chemical called naringin that inhibits fat storage in the body. You can either eat fresh fruits or as freshly prepared juice or smoothie.

6. Avocado

Avocado contains monounsaturated fats. These fats burn easily thus providing fuel when you exercise. It enhances the burning of excess fat. It also contains mannoheptulose, a form of carbohydrate that inhibits insulin levels, in addition to enhancing the absorption of calcium into the body.

7. Berries
Blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries are the best anti-oxidants. They are rich in fiber and low on calories. You can eat them as they are or create healthy dishes with them.

8. Ginger
Ginger is a popular spice to make great food. It has been used for centuries as herbal medicine and is an excellent cure for stomach problems. It also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It enhances blood flow to the muscles. It aids in the fat loss process by fast tracking the calorie-burning process.

9. Salmon
Reiterating that the body needs good fatty acids, salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Flaxseeds provide omega3- fatty acid alpha linolenic acid, which still has to be converted into EPA and DHA. Salmon, on the other hand, provides these two essential fatty acids directly. EPA and DHA are fat burning enhancers. They are also able to block off the storage of excessive fat. Besides, many body builders enjoy the taste of salmon.

10. Soybeans
Soybeans are rich in soy protein that effectively helps build up muscles as it aids in fat loss. Those who have added soybeans in their diets attest that these are also excellent appetite depressants. It also reduces calorie-intake.

11. Fresh Vegetables
Spinach, kale, collard, and turnips are great sources of fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, and anti-oxidants. You’ll often hear trainers and nutritionists talk about the importance and significance of the greens in your diet if you are trying to lose fat. Non-vegetable eaters can be creative. You can add in your omelet or create an enticing salad with vinaigrette dressing. You can also create a protein shake. This is how natural and fresh you can get and it’s good for losing fat.

12. Broccoli
This vegetable floret is rich in fiber. This is perfect for fat loss because it gives you a feeling of being full. The phytochemicals it contains helps boost fat loss.

13. Peanut Butter

This is another excellent source of monosaturated fat that helps in fat burning. However, do not buy those commercially bought peanut butters that say “low-fat” because manufacturers replace monosaturated fat with sugar, better stick with the regular peanut butters that you usually buy. Natural peanut butter is another good alternative. Overall, peanut butter is great for muscle building and fat loss.

14. Honey
Honey may be a source of sugar but it has a very low glycemic index. It helps your blood insulin levels at bay. It is also rich in nitric oxide metabolites that enhance the release of excess fat from the body.

15. Olive Oil
Olive oil is an excellent source of monosaturated fats. It helps decrease your bad cholesterol levels in the blood and helps in improving cardiovascular health. It is easily burned as fat and converted into energy.

16. Water
Though cannot be considered as food, water is one of the best things that you can give your body. It enhances your body’s metabolism, flushes out toxins in your body system, and keeps the body hydrated. Anyone into body building should drink lots of water for best results. Drinking plenty of water promotes overall good health as well.

When you include these foods in your daily diet, you will find yourself getting ahead in your body building goals. Try to find ways to incorporate these into your meal plan. For more help, check out the Anabolic Cooking review here. It contains 200 recipes that are targeted to fat loss and muscle gain. These are easy and fast recipes, so it’s good even for those who haven’t cooked before. Perhaps that’s why it has gotten so popular.

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