The Anabolic Diet Review

The Anabolic Diet is a type of low carbohydrate diet that claims that an individuals can reach their goals of getting the physique they want through a diet that lowers body fat while growing muscle mass. It was developed by Dr Mauro Di Pasquale, a champion powerlifter and medical doctor. […] Read more »

Fat Loss Diet for Bodybuilders – 10 Things that You Should Know

For many bodybuilders, a good fat loss diet can really accelerate the pace of muscle growth and shaping your body into the ideal physique. Your body fat is actually stored energy that your body reserves for periods when your body does not have sufficient energy. If you want to reduce […] Read more »

8 Tips for a Great Bodybuilding Diet Plan

Having the right body building diet plan is an essential ingredient for success if you want to develop muscles effectively and at a good pace. Most people understand that bodybuilding requires discipline, training, and control. You cannot just expect your muscles to grow overnight. Some people say that besides working […] Read more »

6 Fundamental Lean Muscle Building Diet and Nutrition Basics

In order for you to build lean muscles, having the right nutrition is a critical factor that is sometimes overlooked due to time constraints, a lack of awareness and other reasons. The danger is that if you do incorporate a good muscle building diet, working out can become pointless, or […] Read more »