Meet Dave Ruel, Anabolic Cooking’s Author

Dave RuelDave Ruel is the creator of the Anabolic Cooking cookbook and nutritional program. As with any diet and nutritional book that you spend time on, its probably important to know if the author is qualified to teach what they claim to teach. In this case, Dave has made the bold claim that his recipes will enable you to eat great tasting meals and snacks that are healthy and targeted to muscle gain and body fat loss.

Here are some important facts to understand about Dave Ruel, creator of Anabolic Cooking:

Dave’s Story

Dave’s first foray into bodybuilding began in 2001. After putting on weight during summertime, he decided to get in shape and build some muscles by going to the gym. He quickly grew to love bodybuilding. However, his results stagnated after a while.

It was only with the help of a mentor who is a body building champion and nutritionist that his bodybuilding results started to skyrocket. The main transformation was the result of getting on an effective nutritional plan that was delicious tasting at the same time.

Competitive BodyBuilder & Muscle Building Coach

Dave Ruel A Cooking Muscle Growth

Things has developed over the past 10 years. Dave worked hard and became a competitive bodybuilder and muscle building coach. What Dave teaches about muscle building and body fat loss is not a result of theoretical research. He has walked the path himself, and coached students to success.

Nutritionist & Anabolic Cooking Author

Dave 6 packDave Ruel is also a nutritionist. As Dave explains, nutrition and what you eat is critical to getting your body into the best shape. Luckily, he also has a passion for cooking. He knows how to pack the nutrition into delicious meals. No wonder that he is a strong believer that a good bodybuilding diet does not have to be bland or boring. And no, you don’t need much kitchen experience to eat smart and well either.

Anyone who doubt that can pick a few recipes from his cookbook and access their quality. There is probably good reason that people call him the “Muscle Cook”.

Fueled by his experience and interest, he spent 4 years developing and testing recipes to bring about the Anabolic Cooking book and program. Not all recipes he tested made the grade of being easy to make, great tasting and targeted to muscle gain and fat loss. In total, he put together a collection of 200 recipes that made the grade.

Does Dave Ruel Deliver Tasty Recipes & Meal Plans For Muscle Growth?

After reviewing his background and experience, as well as his work in Anabolic Cooking, we have reason to believe that Dave Ruel is a great resource to learn from when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness diets. If you are interested, please read our review on the homepage of this site.

If bodybuilding and fitness is your area of interest, you can tap into Dave’s expertise through his cookbook and nutrition guide. Like the many readers who have found his cookbook, you can start eating tasty meals/snacks that ideal for muscle growth and fat loss through Anabolic Cooking.

Watch Dave Ruel prepare a quick and tasty high protein salad dressing:

Anabolic Cooking Review

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